function hook_bootstrap_iconize_text_alter

8.x-3.x bootstrap.api.php hook_bootstrap_iconize_text_alter(array &$texts)
7.x-3.x bootstrap.api.php hook_bootstrap_iconize_text_alter(array &$texts)

Allows sub-themes to alter the array used for associating an icon with text.


array $texts: An associative array containing the text and icons to be matched, passed by reference.

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Source ./bootstrap.api.php (line 49)

function hook_bootstrap_iconize_text_alter(array &$texts) {
  // This matches the exact string: "My Unique Button Text".
  // Note: the t() function in D8 returns a TranslatableMarkup object.
  // It must be rendered to a string before it can be added as an array key.
  $texts['matches'][t('My Unique Button Text')->render()] = 'heart';

  // This would also match the string above, however the class returned would
  // also be the one above; "matches" takes precedence over "contains".
  $texts['contains'][t('Unique')->render()] = 'bullhorn';

  // Remove matching for strings that contain "filter":

  // Change the icon that matches "Upload" (originally "upload"):
  $texts['contains'][t('Upload')->render()] = 'ok';