function _bootstrap_glyphicon

8.x-3.x deprecated.php _bootstrap_glyphicon($name, $default = [], array $attributes = [])
7.x-3.x _bootstrap_glyphicon($name, $default = array(), array $attributes = array())

Returns a specific Bootstrap Glyphicon as a render array.

Note: This function was added in 7.x-3.17 to keep BC with the former _bootstrap_icon() implementation since it didn't return a render array. It is basically a backport of 8.x-3.x code so the added $attributes parameter can be more easily dealt with.

  // Before.
  $icon = _bootstrap_glyphicon($name, $default, $attributes);

  // After.
  use Drupal\bootstrap\Bootstrap;
  use Drupal\bootstrap\Utility\Element;
  $icon = Bootstrap::glyphicon($name, ['#markup' => $default]);
  $icon_attributes = isset($icon['#attributes']) ? $icon['#attributes'] : [];
  $icon = Element::createStandalone($icon)->setAttributes($attributes)->setAttributes($icon_attributes)->getArray();


string $name: The icon name, minus the "glyphicon-" prefix.

array|string $default: (Optional) The default render array to use if $name is not available.

array $attributes: (Optional) Additional attributes to merge onto the icon.

Return value

array The render containing the icon defined by $name, $default value if icon does not exist or returns NULL if no icon could be rendered.


Will be removed in a future release.

Source ./deprecated.php (line 387)

function _bootstrap_glyphicon($name, $default = [], array $attributes = []) {
  $icon = Bootstrap::glyphicon($name, ['#markup' => $default]);
  $icon_attributes = isset($icon['#attributes']) ? $icon['#attributes'] : [];
  return Element::createStandalone($icon)->setAttributes($attributes)->setAttributes($icon_attributes)->getArray();