function _bootstrap_glyphicons

8.x-3.x deprecated.php _bootstrap_glyphicons($version = NULL)
7.x-3.x _bootstrap_glyphicons($version = NULL)

Returns a list of available Bootstrap Glyphicons.

  // Before.
  $glyphicons = _bootstrap_glyphicons($version);

  // After.
  use Drupal\bootstrap\Bootstrap;
  $glyphicons = Bootstrap::glyphicons($version);


string $version: The specific version of glyphicons to return. If not set, the latest BOOTSTRAP_VERSION will be used.

Return value

array An associative array of icons keyed by their classes.


Will be removed in a future release.

Source ./deprecated.php (line 418)

function _bootstrap_glyphicons($version = NULL) {
  return Bootstrap::glyphicons($version);