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Namesort ascending Type Description
_bootstrap_remove_class function Removes a class from an element's attributes array.
_bootstrap_is_simple_string function Determines if a string of text is considered "simple".
_bootstrap_is_button function Determines if an element is a button.
_bootstrap_iconize_text function Matches a Bootstrap Glyphicon based on a string value.
_bootstrap_iconize_button function Adds an icon to button element based on its text value.
_bootstrap_icon function Returns a specific Bootstrap Glyphicon.
_bootstrap_glyphicons_supported function Determine whether or not Bootstrap Glyphicons can be used.
_bootstrap_glyphicons function Returns a list of available Bootstrap Glyphicons.
_bootstrap_get_classes function Retrieves an element's "class" attribute array.
_bootstrap_get_base_themes function Returns a list of base themes for active or provided theme.
_bootstrap_get_attributes function Retrieves an element's "attributes" array.
_bootstrap_file_scan_directory function Wrapper for the core file_scan_directory() function.
_bootstrap_colorize_text function Matches a Bootstrap class based on a string value.
_bootstrap_colorize_button function Adds a specific Bootstrap class to color a button based on its text value.
_bootstrap_add_class function Adds a class to an element's render array.
UpdateManager::getLatestVersion function Retrieves the latest update schema.
UpdateBase::getTitle function
UpdateBase::getLevel function
ThemeSuggestions::getEntity function Extracts the entity from the element(s) passed in the Variables object.
ThemeSuggestions::addEntitySuggestions function Adds "bundle" and "view mode" suggestions for an entity.
Theme::getSettingPlugins function Retrieves the theme's setting plugin instances.
SettingInterface::getGroup function Retrieves the group form element the setting belongs to.
SettingInterface::getElement function Retrieves the form element for the setting.
SettingBase::getGroup function
SettingBase::getElement function
BOOTSTRAP_VERSION_PATCH constant The current supported Bootstrap framework patch version number.
BOOTSTRAP_VERSION_MINOR constant The current supported Bootstrap framework minor version number.
BOOTSTRAP_VERSION_MAJOR constant The current supported Bootstrap framework major version number.
BOOTSTRAP_VERSION constant The current supported Bootstrap framework version.
bootstrap_setting function Retrieves a setting for the current theme or for a given theme.
bootstrap_include function Includes a file from a theme.
bootstrap_get_theme_info function Return information from the .info file of a theme (and possible base themes).
bootstrap_get_cdn_assets function Retrieves CDN assets for the active provider, if any.
bootstrap_element_smart_description function Converts an element description into a tooltip based on certain criteria.
BOOTSTRAP_CDN_PROVIDER_PATH constant The base file system path for CDN providers.
bootstrap_cdn_provider function Retrieves a list of available CDN providers for the Bootstrap framework.

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