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Name Description
bootstrap_bootstrap_cdn_provider_custom_assets_alter Callback for Custom CDN assets.
bootstrap_bootstrap_cdn_provider_custom_settings_form_alter Implements hook_bootstrap_cdn_provider_PROVIDER_settings_form_alter().
bootstrap_bootstrap_cdn_provider_jsdelivr_alter Callback for jsDelivr CDN.
bootstrap_bootstrap_cdn_provider_jsdelivr_assets_alter Callback for jsDelivr CDN assets.
bootstrap_bootstrap_cdn_provider_jsdelivr_settings_form_alter Implements hook_bootstrap_cdn_provider_PROVIDER_settings_form_alter().
bootstrap_bootstrap_dropdown Returns HTML for a Bootstrap dropdown component.
bootstrap_bootstrap_search_form_wrapper Returns HTML for the Bootstrap search form wrapper.
bootstrap_breadcrumb Returns HTML for a breadcrumb trail.
bootstrap_button Returns HTML for a button form element.
bootstrap_cdn_provider Retrieves a list of available CDN providers for the Bootstrap framework.
bootstrap_cdn_provider_settings_form Custom callback for CDN provider settings.
bootstrap_cdn_provider_settings_form_ajax_reload_provider AJAX callback for reloading CDN provider elements.
bootstrap_container Returns HTML to wrap child elements in a container.
bootstrap_css_alter Implements hook_css_alter().
bootstrap_date Returns HTML for a date selection form element.
bootstrap_element_info_alter Implements hook_element_info_alter().
bootstrap_element_smart_description Converts an element description into a tooltip based on certain criteria.
bootstrap_exposed_filters Returns HTML for an exposed filter form.
bootstrap_fieldset Returns HTML for a fieldset form element and its children.
bootstrap_field_widget_form_alter Implements hook_field_widget_form_alter().
bootstrap_file_managed_file Returns HTML for a managed file element.
bootstrap_file_upload_help Returns HTML for help text based on file upload validators.
bootstrap_file_widget Returns HTML for an individual file upload widget.
bootstrap_file_widget_multiple Returns HTML for a group of file upload widgets.
bootstrap_filter_tips Returns HTML for a set of filter tips.
bootstrap_filter_tips_more_info Returns HTML for a link to the more extensive filter tips.
bootstrap_form_alter Implements hook_form_alter().
bootstrap_form_element Returns HTML for a form element.
bootstrap_form_element_label Returns HTML for a form element label and required marker.
bootstrap_form_process Implements hook_form_process().
bootstrap_form_process_actions Implements hook_form_process_HOOK().
bootstrap_form_process_text_format Implements hook_form_process_HOOK().
bootstrap_form_system_theme_settings_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
bootstrap_get_cdn_assets Retrieves CDN assets for the active provider, if any.
bootstrap_get_theme_info Return information from the .info file of a theme (and possible base themes).
bootstrap_icon_bundles Implements hook_icon_bundles().
bootstrap_icon_bundle_list_alter Implements hook_icon_bundle_list_alter().
bootstrap_icon_providers Implements hook_icon_providers().
bootstrap_image_widget Returns HTML for an image field widget.
bootstrap_include Includes a theme file.
bootstrap_item_list Returns HTML for a list or nested list of items.
bootstrap_js_alter Implements hook_js_alter().
bootstrap_js_callback_filter_xss_alter Implements hook_js_callback_filter_xss_alter().
bootstrap_mark Returns HTML for a marker for new or updated content.
bootstrap_menu_link Returns HTML for a menu link and submenu.
bootstrap_menu_link__book_toc Overrides theme_menu_link() for book module.
bootstrap_menu_local_action Returns HTML for a single local action link.
bootstrap_menu_local_tasks Returns HTML for primary and secondary local tasks.
bootstrap_menu_local_tasks_alter Implements hook_menu_local_tasks_alter().
bootstrap_menu_tree Returns HTML for a wrapper for a menu sub-tree.

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