function _bootstrap_get_base_themes

8.x-3.x deprecated.php _bootstrap_get_base_themes($theme_key = NULL, $include_theme_key = FALSE)
7.x-3.x _bootstrap_get_base_themes($theme_key = NULL, $include_theme_key = FALSE)

Returns a list of base themes for active or provided theme.


string $theme_key: The machine name of the theme to check, if not set the active theme name will be used.

bool $include_theme_key: Whether to append the returned list with $theme_key.

Return value

array An indexed array of base themes.

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function _bootstrap_get_base_themes($theme_key = NULL, $include_theme_key = FALSE) {
  static $themes;
  if (!isset($theme_key)) {
    $theme_key = $GLOBALS['theme_key'];
  if (!isset($themes[$theme_key])) {
    $themes[$theme_key] = array_unique(array_filter((array) bootstrap_get_theme_info($theme_key, 'base theme')));
  if ($include_theme_key) {
    $themes[$theme_key][] = $theme_key;
  return $themes[$theme_key];