function _bootstrap_use_path_breadcrumbs

7.x-3.x _bootstrap_use_path_breadcrumbs($theme = NULL)

Determines if the Path Breadcrumbs module theme function should be used.


string $theme: The machine name of a specific theme to determine status if the Path Breadcrumbs module has been configured to only use its internal function on a specific list of themes.

Return value

bool TRUE or FALSE

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function _bootstrap_use_path_breadcrumbs($theme = NULL) {
  static $path_breadcrumbs;

  if (!isset($path_breadcrumbs)) {
    $path_breadcrumbs = FALSE;

    // Use active theme as the theme key if not explicitly set.
    if (!isset($theme)) {
      $theme = $GLOBALS['theme_key'];

    // Determine whether or not the internal Path Breadcrumbs theme function
    // should be used or not.
    if (function_exists('path_breadcrumbs_breadcrumb') && module_exists('path_breadcrumbs')) {
      $internal_render = variable_get('path_breadcrumbs_internal_render', 1);
      $themes = variable_get('path_breadcrumbs_internal_render_themes', array());
      $path_breadcrumbs = ($internal_render && (empty($themes) || in_array($theme, $themes)));

  return $path_breadcrumbs;