function _bootstrap_registry_sort_phase_functions

7.x-3.x _bootstrap_registry_sort_phase_functions(array &$functions, $hook, $phase, array $themes)

Ensures the phase functions are invoked in the correct order.


array $functions: The phase functions to iterate over.

string $hook: The current hook being processed.

string $phase: The current phase being processed.

array $themes: An indexed array of current themes.

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function _bootstrap_registry_sort_phase_functions(array &$functions, $hook, $phase, array $themes) {
  // Immediately return if there is nothing to sort.
  if (count($functions) < 2) {

  // Create an associative array of theme functions to ensure sort order.
  $theme_functions = array_fill_keys($themes, array());

  // Iterate over all the themes.
  foreach ($themes as $theme) {
    // Only add the function to the array of theme functions if it currently
    // exists in the $functions array.
    $function = $theme . '_' . $phase . '_' . $hook;
    $key = array_search($function, $functions);
    if ($key !== FALSE) {
      // Save the theme function to be added later, but sorted.
      $theme_functions[$theme][] = $function;

      // Remove it from the current $functions array.

  // Iterate over all the captured theme functions and place them back into
  // the phase functions array.
  foreach ($theme_functions as $array) {
    $functions = array_merge($functions, $array);