function bootstrap_theme_registry_alter

8.x-3.x bootstrap.theme bootstrap_theme_registry_alter(&$data, &$context1 = NULL, &$context2 = NULL)
7.x-3.x bootstrap_theme_registry_alter(&$registry)

Implements hook_theme_registry_alter().

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Source includes/ (line 102)

function bootstrap_theme_registry_alter(&$registry) {
  // Retrieve the active theme names.
  $themes = _bootstrap_get_base_themes(NULL, TRUE);

  // Return the theme registry unaltered if it is not Bootstrap based.
  if (!in_array('bootstrap', $themes)) {

  // Inject the "footer" variable default in the existing "table" hook.
  // @see
  // @todo Make this discoverable in some way instead of a manual injection.
  $registry['table']['variables']['footer'] = NULL;

  // Process registered hooks in the theme registry.
  _bootstrap_process_theme_registry($registry, $themes);

  // Process registered hooks in the theme registry to add necessary theme hook
  // suggestion phased function invocations. This must be run after separately
  // and after all includes have been loaded.
  _bootstrap_process_theme_registry_suggestions($registry, $themes);

  // Merge both "html" and "page" theme hooks into "maintenance_page". Create
  // a fake "page" variable to satisfy both "html" and "page" preprocess/process
  // functions. Whether or not they stumble over each other doesn't matter since
  // the "maintenance_page" theme hook uses the "content" variable instead.
  $registry['maintenance_page']['variables']['page'] = array(
    '#show_messages' => TRUE,
    '#children' => NULL,
    'page_bottom' => array(),
    'page_top' => array(),
  foreach (array('html', 'page') as $theme_hook) {
    foreach (array('includes', 'preprocess functions', 'process functions') as $property) {
      if (!isset($registry['maintenance_page'][$property])) {
        $registry['maintenance_page'][$property] = array();
      if (!isset($registry[$theme_hook][$property])) {
        $registry[$theme_hook][$property] = array();
      $registry['maintenance_page'][$property] = array_merge($registry['maintenance_page'][$property], $registry[$theme_hook][$property]);

  // Post-process theme registry. This happens after all altering has occurred.
  foreach ($registry as $hook => $info) {
    // Ensure uniqueness.
    if (!empty($registry[$hook]['includes'])) {
      $registry[$hook]['includes'] = array_unique($info['includes']);
    if (!empty($registry[$hook]['preprocess functions'])) {
      $registry[$hook]['preprocess functions'] = array_unique($info['preprocess functions']);
    if (!empty($registry[$hook]['process functions'])) {
      $registry[$hook]['process functions'] = array_unique($info['process functions']);

    // Ensure "theme path" is set.
    if (!isset($registry[$hook]['theme path'])) {
      $registry[$hook]['theme path'] = $GLOBALS['theme_path'];