class CdnAsset

Class CdnAsset.


  • class \Drupal\bootstrap\Plugin\Provider\CdnAsset uses \Drupal\Core\StringTranslation\StringTranslationTrait, \Drupal\Core\DependencyInjection\DependencySerializationTrait, \Drupal\Component\Utility\ToStringTrait

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Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Modifiers Type Description
CdnAsset::$bootswatchThemes protected static property A list of available Bootswatch themes, keyed by major Bootstrap version.
CdnAsset::$id protected property A unique identifier.
CdnAsset::$info protected property Additional information supplied from the CDN API.
CdnAsset::$label protected property A human readable label for the CDN Asset.
CdnAsset::$library protected property The library this URL references.
CdnAsset::$minified protected property Flag indicating whether the URL is minified.
CdnAsset::$theme protected property The theme this URL references.
CdnAsset::$type protected property The type of resource, e.g. css or js.
CdnAsset::$url protected property The URL.
CdnAsset::$version protected property The version this URL references.
CdnAsset::extractParts protected static function Extracts the necessary parts of the URL.
CdnAsset::getId public function Retrieves the unique identifier for this asset.
CdnAsset::getInfo public function Retrieves information provided by the CDN API, if available.
CdnAsset::getLabel public function Retrieves the human readable label.
CdnAsset::getLibrary public function Retrieves the library this CDN asset is associated with, if any.
CdnAsset::getTheme public function Retrieves the theme this CDN asset is associated with, if any.
CdnAsset::getType public function Retrieves the type of CDN asset this is (e.g. css or js).
CdnAsset::getUrl public function Retrieves the absolute URL this CDN asset represents.
CdnAsset::getVersion public function Retrieves the version this CDN asset is associated with, if any.
CdnAsset::INVALID_FILE_REGEXP constant Invalid asset regular expression.
CdnAsset::isFileValid public static function Indicates whether the provided URL is valid.
CdnAsset::isMinified public function Indicates whether the CDN asset is minified.
CdnAsset::render public function
CdnAsset::VALID_FILE_REGEXP constant Valid asset regular expression.
CdnAsset::__construct public function CdnAsset constructor.