class CdnAssets

Class CdnAssets.


  • class \Drupal\bootstrap\Plugin\Provider\CdnAssets

Expanded class hierarchy of CdnAssets




Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Modifiers Type Description
CdnAssets::$assets protected property An array of CdnAsset objects.
CdnAssets::$label protected property The human readable label for these assets.
CdnAssets::$library protected property The library associated with these assets.
CdnAssets::all public function Retrieves all assets.
CdnAssets::append public function Appends a CdnAsset object to the list.
CdnAssets::appendAssets public function Appends an array of CdnAsset objects to the list.
CdnAssets::get public function Retrieves specific types of assets.
CdnAssets::getLabel public function Retrieves the human readable label.
CdnAssets::getLibrary public function Retrieves the library associated with these assets.
CdnAssets::getTheme public function Retrieves a specific theme.
CdnAssets::getThemes public function Groups available assets by theme.
CdnAssets::merge public function Merges another CdnAssets object onto this one.
CdnAssets::prepend public function Prepends a CdnAsset object to the list.
CdnAssets::prependAssets public function Prepends an array of CdnAsset objects to the list.
CdnAssets::setLabel public function Sets the label.
CdnAssets::setLibrary public function Sets the library associated with these assets.
CdnAssets::sortThemes protected function Sorts themes.
CdnAssets::toArray public function Retrieves all the set CDN Asset objects, as an array.
CdnAssets::toLibraryArray public function Converts the CDN Assets into an array suitable for a Drupal library array.
CdnAssets::__construct public function CdnAssets constructor.