class CdnJsdelivrTheme

The "cdn_jsdelivr_theme" theme setting.

Plugin annotation

  cdn_provider = "jsdelivr",
  id = "cdn_jsdelivr_theme",
  type = "select",
  title = @Translation("Theme"),
  description = @Translation("Choose the example Bootstrap Theme provided by Bootstrap or one of the Bootswatch themes."),
  defaultValue = "bootstrap",
  empty_option = @Translation("Bootstrap (default)"),
  empty_value = "bootstrap",
  groups = {
    "advanced" = @Translation("Advanced"),
    "cdn" = @Translation("CDN (Content Delivery Network)"),
    "jsdelivr" = false,


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class CdnJsdelivrTheme extends CdnProvider {

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function alterFormElement(Element $form, FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id = NULL) {
    $setting = $this->getSettingElement($form, $form_state);
    $themes = $this->provider->getThemes();
    $version = $form_state->getValue('cdn_jsdelivr_version', $this->theme->getSetting('cdn_jsdelivr_version'));

    $setting->setProperty('suffix', '<div id="bootstrap-theme-preview"></div>');
    $setting->setProperty('description', t('Choose the example <a href=":bootstrap_theme" target="_blank">Bootstrap Theme</a> provided by Bootstrap or one of the many, many <a href=":bootswatch" target="_blank">Bootswatch</a> themes!', [
      ':bootswatch' => '',
      ':bootstrap_theme' => '',

    $options = [];
    if (isset($themes[$version])) {
      foreach ($themes[$version] as $theme => $data) {
        $options[$theme] = $data['title'];
    $setting->setProperty('options', $options);



Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
CdnJsdelivrTheme::alterFormElement public function The alter method to store the code. Overrides CdnProvider::alterFormElement
CdnProvider::$provider protected property The current provider.
CdnProvider::$providerManager protected property The current provider manager instance.
CdnProvider::ajaxCallback public static function AJAX callback for reloading CDN provider elements.
CdnProvider::createProviderGroup private function Creates the necessary containers for each provider.
CdnProvider::getCacheTags public function The cache tags associated with this object. Overrides SettingBase::getCacheTags
CdnProvider::importProviderData private function Imports data for a provider that was manually uploaded in theme settings.
CdnProvider::__construct public function Overrides PluginBase::__construct
PluginBase::$theme protected property The currently set theme object.
SettingBase::alterForm public function The alter method to store the code. Overrides FormInterface::alterForm
SettingBase::drupalSettings public function Determines whether a theme setting should added to drupalSettings. Overrides SettingInterface::drupalSettings
SettingBase::getDefaultValue public function Retrieves the setting's default value. Overrides SettingInterface::getDefaultValue
SettingBase::getElement Deprecated public function Overrides SettingInterface::getElement
SettingBase::getElementProperties public function Retrieves all the form properties from the setting definition.
SettingBase::getGroup Deprecated public function Overrides SettingInterface::getGroup
SettingBase::getGroupElement public function Retrieves the group form element the setting belongs to. Overrides SettingInterface::getGroupElement
SettingBase::getGroups public function Retrieves the setting's groups. Overrides SettingInterface::getGroups
SettingBase::getOptions public function Retrieves the settings options, if set. Overrides SettingInterface::getOptions
SettingBase::getSettingElement public function Retrieves the form element for the setting. Overrides SettingInterface::getSettingElement
SettingBase::getTitle public function Retrieves the setting's human-readable title. Overrides SettingInterface::getTitle
SettingBase::submitForm public static function Form submission handler. Overrides FormInterface::submitForm
SettingBase::submitFormElement public static function Form submission handler. Overrides FormInterface::submitFormElement
SettingBase::validateForm public static function Form validation handler. Overrides FormInterface::validateForm
SettingBase::validateFormElement public static function Form validation handler. Overrides FormInterface::validateFormElement