class UpdateBase

Base class for an update.


Expanded class hierarchy of UpdateBase

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Name Modifiers Type Description
PluginBase::$theme protected property The currently set theme object.
PluginBase::__construct public function
UpdateBase::getDescription public function Retrieves the update description, if any. Overrides UpdateInterface::getDescription
UpdateBase::getLabel public function Retrieves the human-readable label for the update. Overrides UpdateInterface::getLabel
UpdateBase::getLevel Deprecated public function
UpdateBase::getProvider public function Retrieves the provider. Overrides UpdateInterface::getProvider
UpdateBase::getSchema public function Retrieves the update schema. Overrides UpdateInterface::getSchema
UpdateBase::getSeverity public function Retrieves the update severity level. Overrides UpdateInterface::getSeverity
UpdateBase::getTheme public function Retrieves the theme that provided the update. Overrides UpdateInterface::getTheme
UpdateBase::getTitle Deprecated public function
UpdateBase::isPrivate public function Indicates whether or not the update is private. Overrides UpdateInterface::isPrivate
UpdateBase::process public function The batch process callback for the update. Overrides UpdateInterface::process