class UpdateManager

Manages discovery and instantiation of Bootstrap updates.


  • class \Drupal\bootstrap\Plugin\PluginManager extends \Drupal\Core\Plugin\DefaultPluginManager

Expanded class hierarchy of UpdateManager

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Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Modifiers Type Description
PluginManager::$theme protected property The current theme.
PluginManager::$themeHandler protected property The theme handler to check if theme exists.
PluginManager::$themeManager protected property The theme manager to invoke alter hooks.
PluginManager::alterDefinitions protected function
PluginManager::createInstance public function
PluginManager::findDefinitions protected function
PluginManager::getCacheTags public function Retrieves the cache tags used to invalidate caches.
PluginManager::getDefinitionsLike public function Retrieves all definitions where the plugin ID matches a certain criteria.
PluginManager::providerExists protected function
UpdateManager::getLatestSchema public function Retrieves the latest update schema.
UpdateManager::getLatestVersion Deprecated public function Retrieves the latest update schema.
UpdateManager::getPendingUpdates public function Retrieves any pending updates.
UpdateManager::getSchemas protected function Retrieves the update schema identifiers.
UpdateManager::getUpdates public function Retrieves update plugins for the theme.
UpdateManager::sortDefinitions protected function Sorts the plugin definitions. Overrides PluginManager::sortDefinitions
UpdateManager::__construct public function Constructs a new \Drupal\bootstrap\Plugin\UpdateManager object. Overrides PluginManager::__construct