class SerializedResponse

Class SerializedResponse.


  • class \Drupal\bootstrap\SerializedResponse extends \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response

Expanded class hierarchy of SerializedResponse




Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Modifiers Type Description
SerializedResponse::$data protected property The decoded data array.
SerializedResponse::$format protected property The serialization format.
SerializedResponse::$mimeExtensionMap protected static property A map of extensions and acceptable MIME types.
SerializedResponse::$mimeFormatMap protected static property A map of formats, keyed by MIME type.
SerializedResponse::$request protected property The request made that gave this response.
SerializedResponse::$serializer protected static property A format specific Serialization service.
SerializedResponse::createFromException public static function Creates a new SerializedResponse object from an Exception object.
SerializedResponse::createFromGuzzleResponse public static function Creates a new SerializedResponse object from a Guzzle Response object.
SerializedResponse::createRequestFromGuzzleRequest protected static function Creates a Symfony Request object from a Guzzle Request object.
SerializedResponse::getContent public function
SerializedResponse::getData public function Retrieves the data array.
SerializedResponse::getExtension public function Retrieves the file extension from the request URI, if any.
SerializedResponse::getMimeType public function Retrieves the MIME type from the response Content-Type header.
SerializedResponse::getSerializer protected function Retrieves a format specific Serialization service.
SerializedResponse::validMimeExtension public function Ensures the MIME type matches the request file extension.
SerializedResponse::__construct public function