class StorageItem

Theme Storage Item.

This is essentially the same object as Storage. The only exception is delegating any data changes to the primary Storage object this StorageItem object lives in.

This storage object can be used in foreach loops.


  • class \Drupal\bootstrap\Utility\StorageItem extends \Drupal\Core\KeyValueStore\MemoryStorage implements \Iterator

Expanded class hierarchy of StorageItem

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Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Modifiers Type Description
StorageItem::$initialized protected property Flag determining whether or not object has been initialized yet.
StorageItem::$storage protected property The \Drupal\bootstrap\Storage instance this item belongs to.
StorageItem::changed public function Notifies the main Storage object that data has changed.
StorageItem::current public function
StorageItem::delete public function
StorageItem::deleteAll public function
StorageItem::deleteMultiple public function
StorageItem::isEmpty public function Determines if the cache is empty.
StorageItem::key public function
StorageItem::next public function
StorageItem::rename public function
StorageItem::rewind public function
StorageItem::set public function
StorageItem::setIfNotExists public function
StorageItem::setMultiple public function
StorageItem::valid public function
StorageItem::__construct public function