function bootstrap_file_widget

7.x-3.x file-widget.func.php bootstrap_file_widget(array $variables)

Returns HTML for an individual file upload widget.


array $variables: An associative array containing:

  • element: A render element representing the widget.

Return value

string The constructed HTML.

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Source templates/file/file-widget.func.php (line 22)

function bootstrap_file_widget(array $variables) {
  $output = '';
  $element = $variables['element'];
  $element['upload_button']['#attributes']['class'][] = 'btn-primary';
  $element['upload_button']['#prefix'] = '<span class="input-group-btn">';
  $element['upload_button']['#suffix'] = '</span>';

  // The "form-managed-file" class is required for proper Ajax functionality.
  if (!empty($element['filename'])) {
    $output .= '<div class="file-widget form-managed-file clearfix">';
    // Add the file size after the file name.
    $element['filename']['#markup'] .= ' <span class="file-size badge">' . format_size($element['#file']->filesize) . '</span>';
  else {
    $output .= '<div class="file-widget form-managed-file clearfix input-group">';

  // Immediately render hidden elements before the rest of the output.
  // The uploadprogress extension requires that the hidden identifier input
  // element appears before the file input element. They must also be siblings
  // inside the same parent element.
  // @see
  foreach (element_children($element) as $child) {
    if (isset($element[$child]['#type']) && $element[$child]['#type'] === 'hidden') {
      $output .= drupal_render($element[$child]);

  // Render the rest of the element.
  $output .= drupal_render_children($element);
  $output .= '</div>';
  return $output;