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Name Description
form_process_icon_selector Processes an icon select list form element.
form_type_icon_selector_value Implements form_type_ELEMENT_value().
hook_icon_bundles Define information about icon bundles.
hook_icon_bundles_alter Allow extensions to alter icon bundles before they become cached.
hook_icon_bundle_delete Perform actions after a bundle has been deleted.
hook_icon_bundle_list_alter Allow extensions to alter a bundle listing before it's viewed.
hook_icon_bundle_reset Perform actions after a bundle, provided in code, has been reset.
hook_icon_bundle_save_alter Allow extensions to alter the bundle record before saving it to the database.
hook_icon_permission Allow extensions to be grouped with Icon API on the permissions table.
hook_icon_providers Define information about icon providers.
hook_icon_PROVIDER_import_process Provider process archive import.
hook_icon_PROVIDER_import_validate Validate callback for 'hook_icon_PROVIDER_import_process'.
hook_icon_render_hooks Define render hook information.
hook_icon_render_hooks_alter Allow extensions to alter icon render hooks before they become cached.
hook_icon_wrapper_options_alter Allows modules and themes to alter the list of permitted icon wrappers.
hook_preprocess_icon Implements hook_preprocess_icon().
hook_process_icon Implements hook_process_icon().
icon_archive_extract Extracts an uploaded archive file to the specified directory.
icon_array_diff_recursive Determine the recursive differences between two arrays.
icon_array_merge_recursive Icon API's custom implementation of array_merge_recursive_distinct.
icon_block_defaults Helper function to return the default icon block values.
icon_block_form_alter Implements hook_form_alter().
icon_block_form_submit Save supplied class.
icon_block_get_settings Retrieves the icon block settings.
icon_block_icon_permission Implements hook_icon_permission().
icon_block_install Implements hook_install().
icon_block_preprocess_block Implements hook_preprocess_block().
icon_block_schema_alter Implements hook_schema_alter().
icon_block_uninstall Implements hook_uninstall().
icon_bundles Returns information about all icon bundles.
icon_bundle_configure_form Menu callback for 'icon_bundle_configure_form'.
icon_bundle_configure_form_submit Submit callback for 'icon_bundle_configure_form'.
icon_bundle_defaults Default properties for a bundle definition.
icon_bundle_delete Delete the icon bundle that matches {icon_bundle}.name in the database.
icon_bundle_delete_form Menu callback for 'icon_bundle_delete_form'.
icon_bundle_delete_form_submit Submit callback for 'icon_bundle_delete_form'.
icon_bundle_disable Disable the icon bundle that matches {icon_bundle}.name in the database.
icon_bundle_enable Enable the icon bundle that matches {icon_bundle}.name in the database.
icon_bundle_get_theme Helper function to return the proper theme.
icon_bundle_get_title Helper function to return the page title for bundles.
icon_bundle_list Menu callback for 'icon_bundle_list'.
icon_bundle_load Load a specific bundle.
icon_bundle_overview_form Menu callback for 'icon_bundle_overview_form'.
icon_bundle_overview_form_submit Submit callback for 'icon_bundle_overview_form'.
icon_bundle_overview_form_validate Validate callback for 'icon_bundle_overview_form'.
icon_bundle_reset_form Menu callback for 'icon_bundle_reset_form'.
icon_bundle_reset_form_submit Submit callback for 'icon_bundle_reset_form'.
icon_bundle_save Save an icon bundle in the {icon_bundle} table.
icon_clear_all_caches Clears all caches used by the icon module.
icon_element_info Implements hook_element_info().

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